June 3rd, 2010

I suppose I have been blogging like the way I have taken vitamins in the past. Now, it should be an each day thing, but it isn't. So here comes a late dose of building information. As expected, the weather has been raining off and on the past two days. Laying down the decking has been enjoyable, but a bit slower. We can't compare decking so much to joist building, but Jason had to order longer pipe for the pipe clamps. This means that we have to wait to finish the decking, meanwhile, he will go ahead with the box beam building for the goal posts that will go up after the decking. It has been cold. We went from 75 degree weather to 50 overnight. Regardless, we had a couple of families stop by last night to hang out, roast hot dogs, and help lay down decking. They also have kids, so it turned out to be a classic family get together with some work, food and fun. I am taking vitamins and doing well with it each day so far. I started yesterday.

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