June 17, 2010

Which is more exciting, a picture of the framing of the house, or the miter saw in action, ripping 2X10's? Some days, progress on a house is merely, prep work. This morning, Jay and I organized Roger and Carole's house into a check in station for kids going to Kokrine Hills Biblecamp. In my opinions, it is more than a fair trade to help Roger and Carole as they allowed us to stay at their place since last October. So, as kids arrived from various villages, Jay and I picked them up, helped them register, helped Roger with small jobs, and watched the kids take off on a 4 hour boat ride to camp. So, around 2:00 Jason and I sat down to pulled pot roast with bar-b-q sauce for lunch. Our only goal was to do all the cutting for the assembly for the rest of the rafters. Jay cut 35 2X10's by dinner. We would have cut all the 2X4's but the intermittent rain was enough to convince us to come home. Working in rain and mosquitoes nipping at whatever they can get can make one schedule an appointment with a counselor. So, for tonight we're relaxing with a movie, 2012. Hey, what do you know, the weather has improved, sunshine and calm winds. That is just out of our control, tomorrow the rafters will go up, weather permitting.

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