Pumpkin Carving

Romay looked at some designs online and came up with these scary faces. When her and I finished carving them, she commented on how eerie they looked. Well, she also was into writing a halloween story last night and basically scared herself while writing it. She couldn't sleep from writing her own story. Anyways, back to our carving, we had to try a lot of tools to get it right, no fancy stuff, spoon, leatherman, etc...well, enjoy the pictures.


FAI x c flying

Today was a well spent, but exhausting day. I am struggling to stay awake at 8:30 pm after making a trip from GAL-FAI-GAL trip in a Cessna 172. Noel (CFI), Joshua (HS flight student) and I went in to get our flight physicals, which went fairly quickly. The reason why you must get these is so you have the right to solo and receive your license. Noel thinks I'll solo before Christmas, so it was just the right timing with daylight decreasing. We didn't use the GPS, rather we used pilotage and dead reckoning, great skills to learn in case your GPS fails. We knew we were going to do this far in advance, so we were able to study a map ahead of time. I flew from FAI to GAL, which went really well. We leveled off at 8500 ft. and got to see pretty snow covered country. The flight was smooth and I got to practice a small cross wind landing. Well, I'll post the pictures and get to bed.


Uncle Hippie Freddy and His Dog Elizabeth

Well, you know how most people need to wind down friday nights after a long week. We had our ritualistic friday night homemade pizzas and had the counselor, Ms. Riedel over. She brought over a couple of blond wigs for us to try in prep for halloween. We were also fortunate to have "Uncle Freddy" and his dog "Elizabeth" over (Romay named them). It was a little unexpected, but hey, we made sure they were well fed and got to catch up. We never know when they'll pass through, glad we got to visit together.


More LOT pictures

LOTs of snow

Jason and I are in the very beginning process of working out the specifics with First Day Cottage. We had to go out to the lot today to snap a few pictures as this will help F.D. do some figuring. They also want us to send a biography of our family, kinda neat, so they can picture our family and see if there might be special modifications from hearing our story. With this much snow, we just may fire up the snowmachine this weekend!


Dad Our Hero

Jason is always making sure our vehicles are in good working order. This afternoon he went to the GILA automotive shop to fix the headlight and the highlight was driving home in a heated car, yes, the vital problem of no heat was solved. He was hanging around with some of the staff as another guy was working on a snowgo, Jay has done his personal share so he couldn't leave to go home with me just yet. It's saturday honey, come home!! :) So, I'm going to listen to Bram Stoker's Dracula, follow along in my book, and wait for the moose stew to heat up. Romay is watching TV and relaxing after spending the night out at her friend Sarah's house. You also see a picture of the Yukon from near the airport, breath taking, especially if you're riding the 4-wheeler like I was!


Birthday Girl, 11!

Although it was a day later from her birthday on the 10th, Romay's pool party was a definite hit. For one thing, the parents didn't have to exert too much energy into keeping 11 kids busy and the clean up was easy. From Romay's point of view, who could deny that water and friends mixed together make the perfect day! Our friend John Korta was there to share stories of him and Jason moving 17 steel pipes to our property, a comedy of errors it seems. She received: Indiana Jones movies, 1997 coin set, crystal growing set, plush toys, Sodoku puzzles, AND my favorite...a super girly beading and bracelet set! heehee. One of her classmates, Boo Boo, a relatively husky boy, bought her that. Well, we had fun putting the bracelets together and Kemper got to wear the results. hee. Now Romay and her friend Sarah are busy eating pancakes and waking up from their sleep over last night, ahhhh, girls girls girls!


We're FINE!

We just completed our 7th week of school, which is all I'll say about that topic as it is saturday and I'm trying to make as many mental breaks from work. Flying. Noel and I did traffic patterns this past week and my favorite, power on and off stalls. I've always been somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, so that fit the bill nicely. I am managing to land the plane by myself as well as make the radio calls, exciting. Romay. We recently bought Rosetta Stone in Latin, so she is busy rattling off Latin phrases. We started Latin last year in home schooling, what a great program as I am following along with her and expanding my experiences as well. Our little girl turned 11 on friday, today we are celebrating by having a pool party, inviting 10 or so kids to get chlorinated, have cake, and have a good time. I anticipate Romay going hard all day, then crashing about 9:30 pm, we'll see if my predictions come to pass. Jason. He is out moving our foundation for our house with a friend right now, 17 steel pipe to our property. We also just sent out a check for our house blueprints and to begin the starting up phase for our First Day Cottage. Ah to have that illustrious fire place crackling over a steaming mug of hot chocolate, mmmm. Well, that is all for now. Up next...pool party pictures and poses!!


Another weekend...

If you wait long enough, like we did, some vehicle presents itself for sale. This particular jewel was low priced at $250 and well, the tires are worth that at least. The Bronco II has a tendency to overheat, but the man with the shop skills says he'll overcome it's ailments. We have enjoyed the luxury of riding wind free to work, now the 4-wheeler sits idle most mornings. This past weekend was the Yukon Jamboree, which is a gathering to celebrate sobriety. It hosts a live band. Romay, Kemper and I had trouble moving off the couch that friday night, I believe it was only 11 pm. Lastly, Romay has taken advantage of Kemper's shipment of milk bones, poor dog was waiting patiently outside a closed door as this feat of construction took place in her room.