Pumpkin Carving

Romay looked at some designs online and came up with these scary faces. When her and I finished carving them, she commented on how eerie they looked. Well, she also was into writing a halloween story last night and basically scared herself while writing it. She couldn't sleep from writing her own story. Anyways, back to our carving, we had to try a lot of tools to get it right, no fancy stuff, spoon, leatherman, etc...well, enjoy the pictures.


DuneMoose said...

Here are the 8 main differences in the first two pictures.
1) Pumpkin stem has moved on the table.
2) Knife #1 on table and not on table
3) Knife #2 on table and not on table
4) rearmost chair has moved
5) Trash can in pic 2
6) Pumpkin on lay then pumpkin on table
7) spoon table and not on table
8) Size of human changed

Do I win a prize? Happy Halloween Romay.

Jeni said...

wow! Awesome pumpkins! Romay, you should post your story to the blog. I would like to read it. My parents just asked when you were solo flying and I guessed a couple of months. Wow, you are becoming a pro real fast....before Christmas! So I will get to see you in KKA before Christmas?