Birthday Girl, 11!

Although it was a day later from her birthday on the 10th, Romay's pool party was a definite hit. For one thing, the parents didn't have to exert too much energy into keeping 11 kids busy and the clean up was easy. From Romay's point of view, who could deny that water and friends mixed together make the perfect day! Our friend John Korta was there to share stories of him and Jason moving 17 steel pipes to our property, a comedy of errors it seems. She received: Indiana Jones movies, 1997 coin set, crystal growing set, plush toys, Sodoku puzzles, AND my favorite...a super girly beading and bracelet set! heehee. One of her classmates, Boo Boo, a relatively husky boy, bought her that. Well, we had fun putting the bracelets together and Kemper got to wear the results. hee. Now Romay and her friend Sarah are busy eating pancakes and waking up from their sleep over last night, ahhhh, girls girls girls!


GDub said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had fun at the pool and your party based on the photo's. :)

DuneMoose said...

That is so awesome she gets parties like this. They really are a meaningful part of growing up. I remember each one of my birthdays from about 7 years old to about 14. As an adult, I would probably have issues if childhood birthday parties were missing from my upbringing.