Meat Package Suffers From...Leprosy

It's a good thing we received the three boxes of meat when we did, we only had to throw away 7 lbs. of chicken and pork. We quickly quarantined the rest of the freeze and decided that we felt lucky to have a freezer full of meat again.

Be careful how you label boxes, apparently, this one suffered from a low self esteem and couldn't hold it together, being labeled "damaged."

We started way early, packing boxes, just because we figured we'd rather be shooting ducks in the spring, rather than grumbling about packing books and dealing with Jason whining for not getting out hunting. Let's see, the official count is nine boxes, which probably leaves about 35-55 to go. Looking forward to having this rummage sale this spring to help pay for that sticker price at the Post Office!


Cousin Cletus Comes For a Visit

From the picture, you would think that my cousin Cletus had come for a visit. I mean, who else would look so redneckish in my family... I'm sure I'll get a comment on that one.

So, one might be wondering, how would Jason go about chipping a tooth so badly? What kind of shape is the other guy in? Was he fending off a bear in order to protect his beloved family? If only, if only.

Kemper had gotten to the point where he was just absolutely disgusted with me. I had been working at the school for much of the weekend due to a workday and basketball games. The kids and the mom he is so used to being with all of the time went to Gambell for a boxing match... I mean basketball game (don't get me started on that mess), and so the dog had a great need to get out for a run. He was beginning to even drive me nuts.

Out we go. I grab a .22, the trapping bag, and some bait to put out at the traps that I later could not find due to huge amounts of drifting anyway, and we get dressed to go... well, I get dressed to go, Kemper has a thing for running through the snow in just what God gave him (the whole frostbite thing is another story for another time, but only if you have a strong stomach for those kind of details).

Its a long time coming, but we are now to the part about the tooth. I grab an end of the bungee that was on the front rack of our Honda. The other end that was still attached to the rack must have decided that it was just too tired to hold on any longer and flew out at my face at seemingly twice the speed of sound with the bare metal hook lashing out and tagging my front tooth. Myra later asked if I had saved the piece that broke out... it was vaporized into a fine powder from all I could tell as it was one moment there and the next completely gone. You know, like Obi Wan when Vader got him with a light saber? Sorry, our kids are big into Star Wars right now.

I am praying that my childhood orthodontist does not see this picture... it is bad enough that the parents that paid for my braces will see it. I'll have to find my Dad's wedding pictures from when he broke his tooth two days before heading to the church and post those on here.


Ethan's Summary of "A Tale of Two Cities"

"Sydney bought two medicines that will knock Charles out for hours. So, Sydney took the place of Charles and Sydney was taken to the place where he was to be beheaded! While that was happening, Miss Pross was fighting Madam Defarge, but Madam Defarge was armed with a gun and a knife. Madam Defarge died by Miss Pross hitting the gun that was going to shoot her. Back at the guillotine, Sydney was the person who had the most peaceful face before he died. Charles and Lucie had a baby and named the baby Sydney and Sydney had a baby and named it Sydny and that Sydney saw the place where a brave man died!"

I know this may not make sense, however, Ethan and Romay were so moved by this book that I wanted them to post one of their daily summaries from a chapter. We finished "A Tale of Two Cities," with slight moisture in our eyes and awe of such classic literature. The kids have mostly read the classics this year and have on more than one occasion, been emotionally moved by the characters, which we all seem to attach ourselves to. We recommend "A Tale of Two Cities" with no reservations and hope you can also relive historical France with understanding!


Salmon. Happy.

Silver, tucked into brown rice that is smothered with Cream of Mushroom soup. On top the Silver, I put Garlic Butter and some Bar-B-Q sauce to add a little zing. Bake and serve with Cranberry Sauce and a glass of Shiraz, I wish...


Fur You

How many ermine does it take to make a parka? That is the same kind of question as how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop... the world may never know. Well, until now. Myra has begun upon a project that may very well answer that question.
I couldn't be prouder. While Myra's Gram was here, the two ladies sat down and began stretching last year's ermine catch (a whopping 8 ermine). They could not help but giggle as they took the very small furs and stretched them out to be used... picture a viscious all white ground squirrel and you have an ermine. The giggling only got worse as Gram talked of where to split them... "You start at the goo goos." I had no idea that goo goos was an animal part, but it looked painful to be split there.
The heads came off next and... then went back on... Myra's thumbs for an interesting redition of the Eskimo "Where is Thumbkin". Talk about a cultural experience.
The ladies worked together and began sewing them together... it is bound to be the cutest baby parka ever sewn and should main-48 ladies get a look at it, may want full size versions for themselves... good thing that ermines are in large numbers. You can see the progress that they have made in the photo. They have such amazing silver-white fur.
It is so important to Myra to carry on her (now our) culture. What a lady!
Until next time... goo goo ga choo.