Ethan's Summary of "A Tale of Two Cities"

"Sydney bought two medicines that will knock Charles out for hours. So, Sydney took the place of Charles and Sydney was taken to the place where he was to be beheaded! While that was happening, Miss Pross was fighting Madam Defarge, but Madam Defarge was armed with a gun and a knife. Madam Defarge died by Miss Pross hitting the gun that was going to shoot her. Back at the guillotine, Sydney was the person who had the most peaceful face before he died. Charles and Lucie had a baby and named the baby Sydney and Sydney had a baby and named it Sydny and that Sydney saw the place where a brave man died!"

I know this may not make sense, however, Ethan and Romay were so moved by this book that I wanted them to post one of their daily summaries from a chapter. We finished "A Tale of Two Cities," with slight moisture in our eyes and awe of such classic literature. The kids have mostly read the classics this year and have on more than one occasion, been emotionally moved by the characters, which we all seem to attach ourselves to. We recommend "A Tale of Two Cities" with no reservations and hope you can also relive historical France with understanding!

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Jeni said...

A lot of details and names to keep straight. You did a very nice summary. I can't wait to read this classic.