Kids in White Mountain

WISA...Western Interior Ski Association...Ethan and Romay competed and did well for being near the bottom of their age groups. We've heard that the BSSD (with WISA) boasts as the single organization that competes in the biathalon across the US. When asked about their experience at the meet, the kids excitedly turn to how many targets they shot and why they missed. This is along with the inside gossip of who met who and who likes who, equally important depending on who you ask. White Mountain school has a reputation for being exemplary hosts. Thank you Andy for snapping a few shots and allowing Jay and I to peek in on the weekend! Oh yeah, Ethan can do a V2, check that out if you're not sure what I mean. Dad is pretty proud.



Jason, the kids and I have a new possibility never offered before that seems like a natural next step in life. The potential to buy a home. Well, here are two choices, I couldn't get them in iPhoto, so if you have a Mac and press shift + apple + 3 , the computer will take a picture of the desktop, which explains the photos below. (insert nerdy high pitch voice) It's also a great practical joke in the classroom, if you have too much time and take photos of the desktop, then when the students come in and think the computer screen is frozen.

I'm getting into that home maker mode already, thinking of colors, bed spreads, curtains, tapestrys?? haha, to make this future place our home. This may put a dent in the credit card bill, which shows we are not the average American get into debt and slowly pay your way out sorta family. Hey, it'll all get figured out. There is a small possibility right now of me working next year, 6-8 grade. Which means, I'd see my own kids in class. Talk about a tight family.

I don't require much, never considered myself high maintenance, BUT a woodstove is a small detail that I love in our possibilities! Goodbye district housing, (sniff), hello independance.


NOT as bad as it looks

It has been 10 days since I had a drill in my knee and boy do I feel better with each new day! Tomorrow, the doctor said I can take off the steri-strips, I'll take his word for it cause the thought of a deep open would on my leg makes last night's dinner closer than I want it to be. Ho Hum, here I am, alone at home. Ethan and Romay are in White Mountain for a ski meet, Jason at work and the dog isn't even keeping me company. So, I'm going to take a bath. That'll be refreshing, except that by the time I hobble in there and finish by balancing getting out with my arms and one free leg 2 hours later, Jason will be home. So I can at least say I did something constructive with my enormous amount of time. Here's a tid bit for you. Martin Buser and I had the same doctor, in the Doc's office there's a poster of Buser, "Thanks, Doc, for putting me back together." If I ever see Buser in Galena (where we're moving to!), I know we can hit it off telling about recovery. "Did you take your pain pills?" Speaking of pain pills, still have those, unopened. I'm going to get through this, the tough Eskimo mentality, "don't need those things." haha. Well, Jason can tell you how I pushed myself too much one day and ended up crying. It wasn't rocket science to figure that I should listen to my body and rest more the next few days.

We are moving to Galena! There is a Galena, Illinois, so just in case someone misread that it is in Alaska. The boys basketball team won the state championship last night and the girls got the academic award, a 3.8 gpa. We've heard quite a number of positives and are ready for those kinds of changes. That's a brief update from Koyuk. More tomorrow, when I finally get myself outta the bath.


Oops, I did it again...

My internet is slipping on and off so I have to post this quickly. Man, do I love basketball. I miss basketball. I hurt my knee, badly. I tried to get it fixed once, but the Native Hospital (ahem), said nothing was wrong with it. I knew better, especially when it hurt badly after trying to play basketball again. BUT LOOK, I got it fixed. I saw a knee specialist and he's worked at 10,000 knees before mine!! I had a torn ligament, my ACL, ouch. I'm pretty content now. I want to get better and get back into my previous identity as an athlete! Horray!