Kids in White Mountain

WISA...Western Interior Ski Association...Ethan and Romay competed and did well for being near the bottom of their age groups. We've heard that the BSSD (with WISA) boasts as the single organization that competes in the biathalon across the US. When asked about their experience at the meet, the kids excitedly turn to how many targets they shot and why they missed. This is along with the inside gossip of who met who and who likes who, equally important depending on who you ask. White Mountain school has a reputation for being exemplary hosts. Thank you Andy for snapping a few shots and allowing Jay and I to peek in on the weekend! Oh yeah, Ethan can do a V2, check that out if you're not sure what I mean. Dad is pretty proud.

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Douggie said...

Future Arctic Winter Games kids? Future Jr. Winter Olympics Kids? Future Winter Olympics Senior National Team skiers?
I should buy the rights to these photos... and when a major publication wants to do a feature story on them, and request photos of skiing days past.... I can cash in!