Since I haven't been too great with taking photos lately, I thought these pictures would make great posts as well. Each picture has a unique memory attached to it. There is no particular theme, just fun random memories!
Ethan, Romay, and Desi in Michigan..."right hand on red" (summer of 2006)
Koyuk River...Just Jay, the Dog and I...the dog got so cold on the way home, we opened the Emergency blanket to keep him warm...SPOILED. (summer of 2005)
RISK (KKA)...10 pm...11pm...12pm...1am...2am...3am....7am...MATT wins! Finally! (summer of 2005)
Manaalaq (Jay) and Qaqatuq (Gram)...in Koyuk (summer of 2005)


January News

You probably can tell that work has started for Jason and I as there seemed to be a hefty amount of posting during break. Since the last post, we've managed to survive a long spell of interior January chill, around -45, give or take 10 degrees. Since I'm on the subject of weather, right after we warmed up to freezing rain; I couldn't believe Jay was riding a snowmachine with a baseball hat a few days after below zero temperatures. On another note, some people we know are taking a break in Mexico and we volunteered to keep their place warm and tend after their animals. Romay has picked fresh eggs from their chicken coop, more on this later, this deserves a posting of it's own. They also own a 14 year old lab that is deaf, being the dog lovers we are, Kemper has decided to play a little jealous and get upset to the point of diahrrea. Thankfully, that little spell is over. They have a wood boiler and we have the incredibly easy part; loading it with wood that is already hauled and split. Meanwhile, I'm still learning to fly, sort of, as I'm preparing for the written exam. Next month, flying resumes, how I missed it during the short sun filled days! Now, Jason...he never ceases to amaze me with all the skills he has. He took a weekend class with some others and got recertified for lifeguarding. During his break from the class, I'd ask what they had done, he'd tell me and I could sense the ease he did it with. So, yesterday when I went to the pool to run (they have weights and treadmills on the 2nd floor), I felt cool as I told the lifeguard on duty that I'm "Jason Harris' wife" and voila, I was in for free. Hey, if the Harris' can cut corners in saving, we'll do it, $3.00! Penny's run from us as we're pinching every one to build our own home this upcoming summer. Last, Romay...she is such a joy in our home. Oh we have our "moments" but the good far outweighs the negative. Last night, at the ball game, I noticed Romay trying on a pair of Galena Hawks pajama pants. My first thought, "Romay doesn't have any money, hmmm." Well, my CFI and his wife were the ones at the booth selling them and they decided to treat her to a new pair of PJ's, just because. So sweet they are! So I'm sure she'll sport them for the next 2 or 3 days cause I'm sure I'll have to tell her to change out of them :) God Bless. For now, a picture from the past; my computer is acting up, I hope to fix this minor error soon!

(at the space needle, how they have grown since!)


The Meaning of Cold

There is no picture that can really capture cold, no image that can portray the shivers and teeth rattling caused by the still cold of fifty below along the Alaska Yukon. The truck would not start today even with a block heater, battery blanket, and oil pan heater. We literally had to bring in the new bottle of antifreeze (straight 100% antifreeze) out of the truck today since it had gotten too cold to pour. Picture green jello in a blue Peak Antifreeze bottle. C-O-L-D. It is supposed to warm up to twenty below tomorrow... yes, I said warm up to twenty below.
God has managed to keep us warm inside our apartment though.


Cold As Usual

"Stay Warm!" "Your pipes froze?" One thing this -40 weather does is bring people together; more people walking, doing other things indoors, sympathizing with those whose water lines have busted. One thing that makes this type of weather bearable in my opinion is the absence of energy sucking wind! Or as Jay states so vaguely, "it's not too bad out." "Not too bad so that your skin would burn when exposed?" His tolerance level is a bit higher than mine and yes, I am Eskimo. Anyways, here's some ordinary photos taken over the last few days.
Kemper, nursing his split nail. Not sure how he ended up with this injury, but he appreciated the pampering from all of us. We trimmed the nail and attempted to pull the nail out since it was split close to the root; since it couldn't come out, we're just keeping it short so it doesn't snag on anything.
What looks out of proportion in this photo? Romay and I laughed and laughed at her stretched out looking legs.
Kemper is an awfully patient dog, how many siblings take the regular beating and playing their fellow sister and brothers dish out?


The Dragon

This is my picture, Ethan. Love-Romay


Homer's magnificent epic poem

The thought of teaching Middle School Language Arts was rather intimidating back in August, the kids are learning and focusing on the Ancients (5000 BC to 400 AD, roughly) and so far we've integrated LA with Social Studies. My point? We read a JH version of The Iliad and let me tell you, it was like surfing and catching a wild wave and things just took off. Yes, I've been surfing before (more like an experiment to my Hawaiian friends), kinda like the way I am normally introduced to new things; "do this and this and this and off you go!" "Wait! What about..." Anyways, The Iliad was a educational highlight of last semester, I mean, they were discussing it at lunch with each other! All the kids took sides (Greeks or the Trojans, they were passionate about sharing why) We managed to watch a lot of scenes from Troy as well and talk about the differences between the book and movie. Now, we continue the story with The Odyssey. It's sure to be a hit, a classic that's a hit, I've been dreaming of this in my short lived 8 years of teaching!


House Update

For those of you who have been following our housing drama... I think we may be able to finance our new house by selling the television drama rights, here is the latest update.

The only thing that I could really compare our banking experience to is a bad dating relationship. So, this guy (realize that this is Jason writing this) made me think that we could really make this relationship work. It started out a little rocky with him not returning my calls and me having to always call him. I should have known that he was up to no good as he continued to ask me to give a little more while he supplied nothing in return. He finally asked me to send in a detailed list of what came with the housing kit (when I told him everything but the countertops, heating system, plumbing, foundation, and electrical... that just wasn't clear enough). Before I could get the list in to him, he called back and told us that he didn't think it was going to work out. Just to prove that we were over him, I called a couple of new banks the very same day. I won't say that I am rebounding, but I think we have found a bank that is interested in the long haul. The banker is sending out the paperwork to us and we are starting at the beginning. If this bank works out, I will be sure to give its name on here as well as the one that strung us along for two months.

Whatever happens, we will praise God. Upon reviewing the year, we can't help but say He has blessed us.

Please continue to pray for us in this process. I am thinking of picking up a part time job to help with this. That could also be a place to pray about.


Hardcore New Years Partiers

We counted down from 20 to ring in the New Year here at the apartment. This was immediately followed by warm hugs and eating snacks. I love New Years but do you pay the price the day after!!

Romay was snuggled up in her blanket, watching "Mythbusters" for her afternoon activity.