Sick of Being Sick

Romay: She hasn't been sick for one year, she is a trooper! When I told her that she can't play in tonight's preliminary basketball game, this is the look she gave me. She has a slight fever and is coughing (skiied in colder weather and got cold). She's already feeling better, kids really do bounce back quickly!

Trying to copy Romay's expression without any real success. :)

Update on the land in Koyuk: The city gave us an answer of "maybe," for our request to acquire the lot in town. Of course this means that we've halted our detailed plans in building in Koyuk. For a week, Jay and I were feeling "blue" over the city's decision, wanting to sleep in and just lay around and feel negative. Well, we bettered our attitudes and began to consider our options of moving. All this is in suspension with time and as a month goes by, we'll know better. Jason and I are playing the waiting game (hurry up and wait) for teaching positions near Fairbanks as one of our possibilities. I'm learning to be content with where we're at, although its very challenging at times. Nevertheless, time will tell and we'll remember this season of life as a growing pain.


This picture was taken about 1/2 hour later from the living room kitchen. In our 5 years here, we have never had to cancel anything due to a blizzard. Yesterday, I had to cancel Elementary Basketball practice, I couldn't see the school, which is only about 35 yards from our apartment. We never cancel for snow, wind, freezing temperatures, but this storm did it and to my memory, was the first time I can remember cancelling a scheduled event, due to some heavy wind and snow!


Good Tunnel Building Weather

Romay worked hard in building her snow castle (thanks Nancy and Dennis for the building set!)

Just an idea of why we're staying inside today as you peek out through our living room window. There aren't even any signs of the ever present Ravens either, oh wait, they're all picking at the school's freshly placed trash.


Snared Rabbit

Ethan tested out his snare and was surprised, as we were, to have this caught. I believe he even checked it the same day. Here, he is pictured with his buddy, Ben Otton.


More Red

Not much new to report. Romay got her second red fox today. It was no where as big as the first one and is actually the smallest red fox we have caught in our traps in the last three years. It was, a nice red color though with a full fluffy coat and tail.
Ethan has decided to set one of his traps within eyesight of where Romay has her trap. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow will hold two red fox within sight of each other.
This being said, Dad has only trapped two all season and needs to get on the ball. That is okay though as I have reached a new stage in life... helping my kids succeed and enjoying watching their faces as they do. This is not saying that I don't want to put some fur on the stretchers myself, but I derive a lot of joy from watching what the kids are doing.
Hope this finds you all doing well. God bless.