Sick of Being Sick

Romay: She hasn't been sick for one year, she is a trooper! When I told her that she can't play in tonight's preliminary basketball game, this is the look she gave me. She has a slight fever and is coughing (skiied in colder weather and got cold). She's already feeling better, kids really do bounce back quickly!

Trying to copy Romay's expression without any real success. :)

Update on the land in Koyuk: The city gave us an answer of "maybe," for our request to acquire the lot in town. Of course this means that we've halted our detailed plans in building in Koyuk. For a week, Jay and I were feeling "blue" over the city's decision, wanting to sleep in and just lay around and feel negative. Well, we bettered our attitudes and began to consider our options of moving. All this is in suspension with time and as a month goes by, we'll know better. Jason and I are playing the waiting game (hurry up and wait) for teaching positions near Fairbanks as one of our possibilities. I'm learning to be content with where we're at, although its very challenging at times. Nevertheless, time will tell and we'll remember this season of life as a growing pain.


Tera said...

Ah Romay, I too am sick of being sick. I caught a cold and now have kukiik everywhere! Our tissue supply is running low. :)

My, thanks for the email. I had started to write a response, but interruptions kept me from finishing it. I am both sad and glad for you guys. Sad that this didn't work out as you (and we) had hoped. Sad that it means you'll most likely be leaving the 'hood. And sad that we won't get to have our own "conference" in October. :) But I am glad that your prospects are also bright. Wherever you decide to go, the community will be very fortunate and blessed to have you living in it. (I keep secretly praying you'll choose Unk, but I also know I'm in competition with Andy in WMO.) :)

We'll be thinking of and praying for you guys.

coffeetraps said...

We are trying to stay open to what God wants us to do. Who knows where that will take us... could be anywhere from here to Cuba... somehow I doubt Cuba, but you never know.
The mom is at church with Gram, Ethan is in bed sick, and Romay and I are watching our favorite movie: Escanaba in Da Moonlight. At least we have good entertainment as we're recovering.
Who knows... maybe UNK. Waiting on what God is doing.