Fur You

How many ermine does it take to make a parka? That is the same kind of question as how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop... the world may never know. Well, until now. Myra has begun upon a project that may very well answer that question.
I couldn't be prouder. While Myra's Gram was here, the two ladies sat down and began stretching last year's ermine catch (a whopping 8 ermine). They could not help but giggle as they took the very small furs and stretched them out to be used... picture a viscious all white ground squirrel and you have an ermine. The giggling only got worse as Gram talked of where to split them... "You start at the goo goos." I had no idea that goo goos was an animal part, but it looked painful to be split there.
The heads came off next and... then went back on... Myra's thumbs for an interesting redition of the Eskimo "Where is Thumbkin". Talk about a cultural experience.
The ladies worked together and began sewing them together... it is bound to be the cutest baby parka ever sewn and should main-48 ladies get a look at it, may want full size versions for themselves... good thing that ermines are in large numbers. You can see the progress that they have made in the photo. They have such amazing silver-white fur.
It is so important to Myra to carry on her (now our) culture. What a lady!
Until next time... goo goo ga choo.


Haviland's said...

Wow - that is cool Myra!

Tera said...

Hahahaha! "Nau'ngaa thumpkin?" I read this post at least three times - SO funny! Sure made me wanna go at your house, alright. I can't express how much I love Ellen and I wish I could just watch Myra and her gram giggle together! Araa, I bet it was funny. With Ellen as her teacher, Myra is well on her way to becoming an excellent skin sewer. Luckyyyyy.

coffeetraps said...

"Anyone can do it," Gram says, after 60 years of experience on her belt and maybe 30 parkas later, LOL. Gram just loves you, Tera. You know how our Gram's tell the same stories. "Tera, I call her Terra-rizor...(giggle)"

"Ki! Ki-lai-aq-ta!"