In Times Like These...

"...we need a Savior, in times like these, we need an anchor..." I can distinctly remember the voices singing in unison at church. The song might have been sung in English, then, after a brief pause, an elder would start the translated version in Eskimo and the 'ol domino effect of voices joining took over. I admire the Inupiaq versions of hymns. I can watch drama or read the inspirational stories without getting the lump in my throat. BUT! The translated songs just have a way with me :) A simple hymn, Gram's natural ability to sing in her language without flaw, again, memories and a tune sung to remind us of a Savior who will help us in our time of need.
Gram is recovering well from her little stroke she had last wednesday. I left Galena in a hurry, landed in Fairbanks and hopped back on a plane to get to Anchorage. My brother picked me up at the airport. I had planned to stay with Gram at the hospital and wasn't sure of any kind of arrangements, so a Fred Meyer sleeping pad was tucked under my arm as I made my way up to the 5th floor. I wasn't sure what to expect.
I came around the corner and saw Gram's back and it looked like she was getting up. I knew, by her fairly straight posture that she was okay and going to be okay. Her body language communicated that to me more than anything. I remember the nurse being in the room, although Ellen was the only one I could really focus on. "Hi Qaqatuq." "Ohhhhh, My!" she said. We grabbed hands, hers soft and welcoming. It was almost strange to see her dressed in a hospital gown, she had color in her cheeks and seemed to glow.
She was discharged by the weekend. Her brain scan revelaed a speck that might had even been an earlier tiny stroke. I think the overwhelming picture here is that prayers were answered. Thank you to those that lifted Ellen and our family in your prayer time. She has a follow up tomorrow and we're considering Ellen living with us for the time being. She shouldn't be alone and well, lets just say that she is stubbornly admitting that a woman of 79 might need someone to help her for now. Its quite late and I do have to check in at 5:45 am. I was driving 'home' tonight with the perfect country song, you know how country tells to story of life and well, life is taking a new turn. And under the circumstances, even though I'm sure at times it'll all be a stuggle, I'm thankful for reminders of encouragement from a simple hymn.


August Boating n things

Meeting with friends. Great friends! We have been staying at the parsonage while we wait out our housing saga and have met really wonderful people in the process. All of us have ways of passing time, my favorite and top of the list-visiting!

We finally have a boat.

Both Jason and I joined the Civil Air Patrol here. I flew into Anchorage with a friend to get this flir installed. Flying into Merrill Field with a 172, all the traffic and landing in the middle of a city was definitely an experience.