Always Wanted A "White Easter"

Even though we're geared for spring, the snow did present another lovely view. We had a week of busyness as usual. We did manage to have the Mollnows over for dessert on thursday and hung out with the Browns on friday night. Romay had one heck of a barking cough that is, thankfully, now over. I can hear her singing in her room along with her IPod, thats usually how she rocks herself to sleep :) We leave for Anchorage on thursday afternoon until monday. One little fact, Myra was inducted into the ASAA Hall of Fame for basketball, so we'll be in town for her banquet on sunday! Tomorrow is also THE DAY, when we shall know if the bank will give us THE ANSWER. It looks to be postive, so hopefully we'll be stocking up on the rest of the tools we'll need for this summers project, a 1400 sq. ft. firstday cottage. Adieu!
On our way to church this morning. About a foot fell in just a couple of hours! We had a wonderful service-9:30 am breakfast, singing, Gilbert and Margaret's report on their trip to Russia, Communion and friends!
Lincoln Logs meet Army Men
Dad's scud missles were a concern for Romay's infantry, but she held her own. It was hard for "the reporter" to walk around for pictures.


I'd rather have a weekend rather than a weekstart

Noel, the greatest CFI!!
My CFI was scheduled for a check ride on satruday since our local Civil Air Patrol is getting a new 172. We spent part of friday helping him prepare for his upcoming ride: 55 degree steep turns that have a little over a G force, power on and off stalls, and S turns, and oh yeah, our favorite, traffic patterns!

Jason Harris launching fire wood!
Me next to the tree to cut down later. I got the easy part, driving the snogo down the trail.
We drove the snogo right up our little trail, with a few minutes of getting stuck in snow waist deep.
Making a trail to our trees that will serve as the sill logs on top the pilings for our house. We spent saturday scoping out tall straight timber to cut, delimb, and cut to size to drag back to the lot. Our builder expert friend, Jason, (who I also teach middle school with), is predicting 8-9 trees that we'll need to harvest.
Romay armed with a Savage semi-automatic .22, (thanks to Kevin!) Although we didn't see any rabbits, she did target shoot at a snowball on a tree, Kemper had to run up the bank and chase it down.