New Table

Romay and I made Jason a table. Well, it is our makeshift table until we get the table from a real furniture store. With living in the bush and everything costing an extra dollar or two, Romay and I looked around at some of our resources and decided to make "something" until next summer arrives and the next barge season starts. Yeah, its a little small, but it will do for the three of us and we'll make do when people come over with trays and what not. I'd rather do this than pay someone too much money to ship some fancy looking wood, a table.


Can you believe it? An update!

Well, I won't get into the whirlwind of activities from the last month. It has been a beautiful fall here in Galena, maybe as one not teaching this year, I have more time to see and enjoy it. I should apologize for the lack of pictures for the last month, sorry for stringing you along on our building adventure and halting suddenly in my online tracks. My laptop power cord gave up and I watched the laptop battery dwindle down...then, the internet service at the house we're staying at was discontinued due to the fact that no one would be living there...soon. So, he is the latest. Finally, you get a peek into the latest accomplishments! (heating tank mounted and fuel in it, heating unit installed, plumbing started, electrical started, cabinets in, appliances moved inside!)