Just Pluggin' Away

"...I hope you daaaanceee......UGH....."
My middle school kids just started reading Frankenstein. CLASSICS! Yes, we are culturally literate, even Jason is excited. Mary Shelley was at the young age of 18 when she started writing her novel. Apparently, she was with a group of friends, telling ghost stories and during that time, she wrote out the start of the story, finished it with encouragement from her husband a year later or so. There were quite a few interesting names, eg, Lord Byron, that was at the ghost story telling. LOVE classics. (just finished Gullivers Travels by Jonathon Swift, FINALLY!)
Boxes draw everyones' attention around the house, this one had sno-go parts in it, no box content is too ordinary or boring for this household!
Romay's line up of Webkinz animals...introducing from Left to Right: Socrates, Mardy, and Gizmo! THANK you Grandma and Grandpa Harris (and Des) for Gizmo!


What Does Trivial Pursuit and Graham Crackers Have In Common?

Romay's 3-D puzzle. It has become a habit to buy puzzles that keep her busy in Fairbanks...oh and a copy of Tundra comics!

This saturday and sunday night, we started trivial pursuit, which turned into a marathon of some sorts. We got a huge kick out of the questions Romay rattled off, particularly the ones she "guessed" at and got correct. We were running low on snack foods, but alas, a box of graham crackers provided sustenance. We had some Hersheys bars laying around, so it was like eating cold smores, just needing a bit of imagination there. This past weekend was also the Spring Carnival where Romay got 1st place in skiing. She tried a pair of snowshoes the next day and admitted she wasn't coordinated like she was on skiis, but hey, we just love her willingness. Jason stayed around the apartment with me, we watched a handful of movies that we hadn't gotten around to. We're eagerly waiting on the bank to give us their FINAL answer on our construction loan. To get that, we had to secure a long term loan 1st...I won't bore you with the details, but we're pretty sure we hit every single dead end with building in the bush! I would be blogging more often, but between flying, home life, work, and this financing saga, I think you'll understand why blogging has taken the back seat lately. Until next time...before May I'm sure.


Where Does Time Go?

Once again, another weekend has expired before we had a chance to catch our tails. Although the pace of life is fast, we've enjoyed each other and have attained more appreciation in just being content. There are so many things to gripe about-the housing financing deal never seems to end, the bitter wind cuts through you as you wonder as to why it isn't spring yet, we're fed up with apartment living, etc etc...we've balanced our little down times with laughter and family bonding time.

We just returned from Fairbanks where I witnessed three close chess games between Jay and Romay. Each morning we found ourselves at our favorite coffee joint. Inevitably, Romay would grab the tub labled "chess" and nonchalantly proclaim, "c'mon Dad.." as she briskly walked to a table. I'd disappear to the computer tucked into the corner of the shop. Like queens, Romay and I waited for Dad to deliver our drinks, mine a 12 oz. Almond Breve. Perhaps the baristas figured that next time they'd have a picture of us and our typical order and no, coffee doesn't stunt growth, look at the weed like growth of Romay! Of course, all in the midst of all this spending and driving, we tend to miss the other family member that didn't board the plane with us, Kemper. We have a habit of inpersonating our yellow lab's "voice", psychologically it makes us believe he is there with us. We "ooh and ahhh" at the other labs at the pet store with owners and realize that strange gravitation our hearts have with Kemper. I had a chance to read Willie Hensley's latest book, which occupied all my down time for a day. Romay read a copy of Tundra comics and relayed the humor to us in the truck; I turned my head over a hundred times to revel in her particular favorite quote and picture in the book. Of course, Jay, in his dad like humor, added his own renditions to the comic, which either left Romay and I blankly staring at his bad joke or erupting with more laughing. Fun.

I can't believe I'm spending my last few hours of the weekend prepping for this school week, I guess technically I'm not since I've mastered the art of procastination, like blogging. I must have blinked, where did time go?


Busy week!

Almost six years ago, when Jay and I just got married, I knew next to nothing about engines and how to maintain them. Now, I change the oil and air filter on the 4-wheeler, its not rocket science, but its one way for me to help Jay out with his endless list of mechanical (it seems) duties. Most evenings we have spare time, so of course I will listen to him tell me about the alternator that needs to be replaced in the Bronco. So, alas, here he is coming in the door with another job done! Soon we will ride in an enclosed vehicle, not that we mind snowmachining, but putting on layers to get to work is getting old.

Romay decided that this years science fair project would be creating a solar hot dog cooker. She has the project complete, but as I type now, she is currently trying a new design with her friend Sarah. A solar cooker in Alaska? Well, we used a heat lamp, but made an enclosed area lined with tin foil. I don't mind forking over the $5.00 for her to buy a package of hot dogs again to keep her mind busy!

Practicing on the simulator one wednesday afternoon. This machine is slick! During our "light challenged" days in December and January, I did a lot of sitting in the sim. Now we're ready to take flight in the real plane, a welcome change.


Hi Ya'll

Allow me to reintroduce my family to you...I know it has been awhile and believe me, I beat myself up when it comes to guilt tripping! Well, we've fallen into the realm of banking and financing our house, it's like deja vu all over again. This time, we have a possibility with Wells Fargo out of Nome...I feel like I might have more chances in bidding with a game show host.. "AND BEHIND DOOR #2...Mt. McKinley Bank...DOOR #3...Wells Fargo..." Anyways, this post is mostly dedicated to the athlete in the house! Jay and I have moved over to the description of teachers, so athlete hardly describes us anymore. She dives, she boxes out, she penetrates the lane, she scores...lets hear it for Romay! It's fun to see her shine, every game we get compliments about her skills and how she is a good little ball player. There was even a comment we heard about moving her up to play with the Jr High Kids and another person commented, "but she's only in 5th grade!" I was always modest about myself, but not about this gal! Then, usually, she'll sport the Hawk suit with a few other friends at the HS games. Have a wonderful week, we'll try not to be strangers on our own blog.