Busy week!

Almost six years ago, when Jay and I just got married, I knew next to nothing about engines and how to maintain them. Now, I change the oil and air filter on the 4-wheeler, its not rocket science, but its one way for me to help Jay out with his endless list of mechanical (it seems) duties. Most evenings we have spare time, so of course I will listen to him tell me about the alternator that needs to be replaced in the Bronco. So, alas, here he is coming in the door with another job done! Soon we will ride in an enclosed vehicle, not that we mind snowmachining, but putting on layers to get to work is getting old.

Romay decided that this years science fair project would be creating a solar hot dog cooker. She has the project complete, but as I type now, she is currently trying a new design with her friend Sarah. A solar cooker in Alaska? Well, we used a heat lamp, but made an enclosed area lined with tin foil. I don't mind forking over the $5.00 for her to buy a package of hot dogs again to keep her mind busy!

Practicing on the simulator one wednesday afternoon. This machine is slick! During our "light challenged" days in December and January, I did a lot of sitting in the sim. Now we're ready to take flight in the real plane, a welcome change.

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