Hi Ya'll

Allow me to reintroduce my family to you...I know it has been awhile and believe me, I beat myself up when it comes to guilt tripping! Well, we've fallen into the realm of banking and financing our house, it's like deja vu all over again. This time, we have a possibility with Wells Fargo out of Nome...I feel like I might have more chances in bidding with a game show host.. "AND BEHIND DOOR #2...Mt. McKinley Bank...DOOR #3...Wells Fargo..." Anyways, this post is mostly dedicated to the athlete in the house! Jay and I have moved over to the description of teachers, so athlete hardly describes us anymore. She dives, she boxes out, she penetrates the lane, she scores...lets hear it for Romay! It's fun to see her shine, every game we get compliments about her skills and how she is a good little ball player. There was even a comment we heard about moving her up to play with the Jr High Kids and another person commented, "but she's only in 5th grade!" I was always modest about myself, but not about this gal! Then, usually, she'll sport the Hawk suit with a few other friends at the HS games. Have a wonderful week, we'll try not to be strangers on our own blog.

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