Just Pluggin' Away

"...I hope you daaaanceee......UGH....."
My middle school kids just started reading Frankenstein. CLASSICS! Yes, we are culturally literate, even Jason is excited. Mary Shelley was at the young age of 18 when she started writing her novel. Apparently, she was with a group of friends, telling ghost stories and during that time, she wrote out the start of the story, finished it with encouragement from her husband a year later or so. There were quite a few interesting names, eg, Lord Byron, that was at the ghost story telling. LOVE classics. (just finished Gullivers Travels by Jonathon Swift, FINALLY!)
Boxes draw everyones' attention around the house, this one had sno-go parts in it, no box content is too ordinary or boring for this household!
Romay's line up of Webkinz animals...introducing from Left to Right: Socrates, Mardy, and Gizmo! THANK you Grandma and Grandpa Harris (and Des) for Gizmo!

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