What Does Trivial Pursuit and Graham Crackers Have In Common?

Romay's 3-D puzzle. It has become a habit to buy puzzles that keep her busy in Fairbanks...oh and a copy of Tundra comics!

This saturday and sunday night, we started trivial pursuit, which turned into a marathon of some sorts. We got a huge kick out of the questions Romay rattled off, particularly the ones she "guessed" at and got correct. We were running low on snack foods, but alas, a box of graham crackers provided sustenance. We had some Hersheys bars laying around, so it was like eating cold smores, just needing a bit of imagination there. This past weekend was also the Spring Carnival where Romay got 1st place in skiing. She tried a pair of snowshoes the next day and admitted she wasn't coordinated like she was on skiis, but hey, we just love her willingness. Jason stayed around the apartment with me, we watched a handful of movies that we hadn't gotten around to. We're eagerly waiting on the bank to give us their FINAL answer on our construction loan. To get that, we had to secure a long term loan 1st...I won't bore you with the details, but we're pretty sure we hit every single dead end with building in the bush! I would be blogging more often, but between flying, home life, work, and this financing saga, I think you'll understand why blogging has taken the back seat lately. Until next time...before May I'm sure.


Haviland's said...

great to see you folks
missed you at the ski meet this past weekend
wisa is this coming weekend up in fairbanks at birch hill - hosted by nenana
life is good

DuneMoose said...

Perhaps Galena is just a break from Koyuk? I can procure land and finance a home of your dreams for you guys back in KKA!!!

matthew said...

I am so glad you guys are close to getting what is needed to make your dreams come true. May will be here soon enough. Summer here we come.s