busy busy busy

The year has really gotten busy and so the blog gets neglected. We have been doing things… that is essentially the problem in that we have been doing too many things.
The waterfowl are finally beginning to show in numbers meaning that both spring is here and it is time to try to add some meat to the freezer. We got a chance to go out once, but the only thing flying were the cranes and we would have needed an anti-aircraft gun to hit them. With Joe’s help, we built a blind to stay really camouflaged in, but we are in a spot where the crane naturally begin their climb before flying any distance. Usually the ducks and geese fly low, but they were not in town yet.
We made it in to Anchorage on Sunday for the Aviation Show. It was the first time I had ever made a day trip to Anchorage. The district plane came and picked us up in the morning as well as seven high school students and we flew in to see all the cool things they had on display. I have decided that when I finally grow up, I want to fly cargo for Everts. They fly completely restored WWII aircraft to all of the large villages and we got a chance to step aboard one of their “Commando” aircraft, Maid in Japan. It was built in 1945 and had served in Asia during and shortly after the war. It was like walking into a working museum. When they fly their approach in Unalakleet, it sounds like the whole sky is coming down on top of you.
Myra and I had the plane bug before, but it just seems to keep getting worse. If we are to get a plane, we figure God will open the doors. Like all things, “God give me patience… now.” Our goal is to be able to save up and pay cash for one to learn in. It will be cheaper in the long run to buy our own plane and have a friend teach us. Doesn’t sound like it would be, but the hours really add up when you are paying for lessons for two people. If anyone has a spare Bush Hawk or anything from a Cessna 152-210 laying around collecting dust and cheap… that would help.
Ethan is now eleven… he woke up singing on his birthday about how he couldn’t believe the day was finally here. After school, we went down to the beach for a birthday party and hotdog roast. Fire and that many kids is an interesting combination… kind of like inviting a bottle of rocket fuel to your bonfire. We started with one small fire and ended up with five or six that miraculously started on their own. The looks we got as we went around putting them out prior to leaving could have killed. Thankfully, the firefighting crew was in town for the “pack test.” They could have gotten some live practice down on the beach.
Two weeks until school is out. God is good and has carried us through yet another school year.