Cousin Cletus Comes For a Visit

From the picture, you would think that my cousin Cletus had come for a visit. I mean, who else would look so redneckish in my family... I'm sure I'll get a comment on that one.

So, one might be wondering, how would Jason go about chipping a tooth so badly? What kind of shape is the other guy in? Was he fending off a bear in order to protect his beloved family? If only, if only.

Kemper had gotten to the point where he was just absolutely disgusted with me. I had been working at the school for much of the weekend due to a workday and basketball games. The kids and the mom he is so used to being with all of the time went to Gambell for a boxing match... I mean basketball game (don't get me started on that mess), and so the dog had a great need to get out for a run. He was beginning to even drive me nuts.

Out we go. I grab a .22, the trapping bag, and some bait to put out at the traps that I later could not find due to huge amounts of drifting anyway, and we get dressed to go... well, I get dressed to go, Kemper has a thing for running through the snow in just what God gave him (the whole frostbite thing is another story for another time, but only if you have a strong stomach for those kind of details).

Its a long time coming, but we are now to the part about the tooth. I grab an end of the bungee that was on the front rack of our Honda. The other end that was still attached to the rack must have decided that it was just too tired to hold on any longer and flew out at my face at seemingly twice the speed of sound with the bare metal hook lashing out and tagging my front tooth. Myra later asked if I had saved the piece that broke out... it was vaporized into a fine powder from all I could tell as it was one moment there and the next completely gone. You know, like Obi Wan when Vader got him with a light saber? Sorry, our kids are big into Star Wars right now.

I am praying that my childhood orthodontist does not see this picture... it is bad enough that the parents that paid for my braces will see it. I'll have to find my Dad's wedding pictures from when he broke his tooth two days before heading to the church and post those on here.


Haviland's said...

does that mean cletus is my cousin to :-)

Douggie said...

Give me a toothache to read that story.

Trappin' & Coffee said...

Andy- I figured you were the one that would comment about the family connection... yes, Cletus is related to you too.

Douggie- Amazingly there was no pain. Just anger and disbelief. Three years of braces on my teeth, no cavities for 29 years... I was pretty upset that part of my tooth disappeared and ruined my teeth.

Jeni said...

Well, when I first saw Kevin showing off your broken tooth, I wanted to laugh really hard but then I saw your face and you said, "I'm pissed!" So I'm laughing now!