Meat Package Suffers From...Leprosy

It's a good thing we received the three boxes of meat when we did, we only had to throw away 7 lbs. of chicken and pork. We quickly quarantined the rest of the freeze and decided that we felt lucky to have a freezer full of meat again.

Be careful how you label boxes, apparently, this one suffered from a low self esteem and couldn't hold it together, being labeled "damaged."

We started way early, packing boxes, just because we figured we'd rather be shooting ducks in the spring, rather than grumbling about packing books and dealing with Jason whining for not getting out hunting. Let's see, the official count is nine boxes, which probably leaves about 35-55 to go. Looking forward to having this rummage sale this spring to help pay for that sticker price at the Post Office!


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coffeetraps said...

you may want to stay away from pork... make the switch to caribou. May be hard to find in Vernon, CA, but then again we have to mail in our pig and beef here. Pork and beef has been an interesting change to our diet of all game (caribou, rabbit, ptarmigan, salmon, wild duck, swan, goose, grouse, smelt, etc.).

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