Homer's magnificent epic poem

The thought of teaching Middle School Language Arts was rather intimidating back in August, the kids are learning and focusing on the Ancients (5000 BC to 400 AD, roughly) and so far we've integrated LA with Social Studies. My point? We read a JH version of The Iliad and let me tell you, it was like surfing and catching a wild wave and things just took off. Yes, I've been surfing before (more like an experiment to my Hawaiian friends), kinda like the way I am normally introduced to new things; "do this and this and this and off you go!" "Wait! What about..." Anyways, The Iliad was a educational highlight of last semester, I mean, they were discussing it at lunch with each other! All the kids took sides (Greeks or the Trojans, they were passionate about sharing why) We managed to watch a lot of scenes from Troy as well and talk about the differences between the book and movie. Now, we continue the story with The Odyssey. It's sure to be a hit, a classic that's a hit, I've been dreaming of this in my short lived 8 years of teaching!

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