Cold As Usual

"Stay Warm!" "Your pipes froze?" One thing this -40 weather does is bring people together; more people walking, doing other things indoors, sympathizing with those whose water lines have busted. One thing that makes this type of weather bearable in my opinion is the absence of energy sucking wind! Or as Jay states so vaguely, "it's not too bad out." "Not too bad so that your skin would burn when exposed?" His tolerance level is a bit higher than mine and yes, I am Eskimo. Anyways, here's some ordinary photos taken over the last few days.
Kemper, nursing his split nail. Not sure how he ended up with this injury, but he appreciated the pampering from all of us. We trimmed the nail and attempted to pull the nail out since it was split close to the root; since it couldn't come out, we're just keeping it short so it doesn't snag on anything.
What looks out of proportion in this photo? Romay and I laughed and laughed at her stretched out looking legs.
Kemper is an awfully patient dog, how many siblings take the regular beating and playing their fellow sister and brothers dish out?


Jeni said...

Awwww! Poor Kemper. Give him a big hug for me! I miss him a lot! Oh yeah, and you guys too. Great pics of Gram! I've updated mine, give it a check!

Tera said...

Romay, I think the rest of your body forgot to grow with your legs. Put some fertilizer in your torso to catch up.