Jason, the kids and I have a new possibility never offered before that seems like a natural next step in life. The potential to buy a home. Well, here are two choices, I couldn't get them in iPhoto, so if you have a Mac and press shift + apple + 3 , the computer will take a picture of the desktop, which explains the photos below. (insert nerdy high pitch voice) It's also a great practical joke in the classroom, if you have too much time and take photos of the desktop, then when the students come in and think the computer screen is frozen.

I'm getting into that home maker mode already, thinking of colors, bed spreads, curtains, tapestrys?? haha, to make this future place our home. This may put a dent in the credit card bill, which shows we are not the average American get into debt and slowly pay your way out sorta family. Hey, it'll all get figured out. There is a small possibility right now of me working next year, 6-8 grade. Which means, I'd see my own kids in class. Talk about a tight family.

I don't require much, never considered myself high maintenance, BUT a woodstove is a small detail that I love in our possibilities! Goodbye district housing, (sniff), hello independance.

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