We're FINE!

We just completed our 7th week of school, which is all I'll say about that topic as it is saturday and I'm trying to make as many mental breaks from work. Flying. Noel and I did traffic patterns this past week and my favorite, power on and off stalls. I've always been somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, so that fit the bill nicely. I am managing to land the plane by myself as well as make the radio calls, exciting. Romay. We recently bought Rosetta Stone in Latin, so she is busy rattling off Latin phrases. We started Latin last year in home schooling, what a great program as I am following along with her and expanding my experiences as well. Our little girl turned 11 on friday, today we are celebrating by having a pool party, inviting 10 or so kids to get chlorinated, have cake, and have a good time. I anticipate Romay going hard all day, then crashing about 9:30 pm, we'll see if my predictions come to pass. Jason. He is out moving our foundation for our house with a friend right now, 17 steel pipe to our property. We also just sent out a check for our house blueprints and to begin the starting up phase for our First Day Cottage. Ah to have that illustrious fire place crackling over a steaming mug of hot chocolate, mmmm. Well, that is all for now. Up next...pool party pictures and poses!!

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DuneMoose said...

Glad your not afraid of stalls. Did I tell you how your brother told me one time that you were very conservative, didn't like going fast on the highway, etc? Doesn't seem to fit! ha,ha
The first thing I that popped into my head when I saw Romay was, "Come in, Over."