FAI x c flying

Today was a well spent, but exhausting day. I am struggling to stay awake at 8:30 pm after making a trip from GAL-FAI-GAL trip in a Cessna 172. Noel (CFI), Joshua (HS flight student) and I went in to get our flight physicals, which went fairly quickly. The reason why you must get these is so you have the right to solo and receive your license. Noel thinks I'll solo before Christmas, so it was just the right timing with daylight decreasing. We didn't use the GPS, rather we used pilotage and dead reckoning, great skills to learn in case your GPS fails. We knew we were going to do this far in advance, so we were able to study a map ahead of time. I flew from FAI to GAL, which went really well. We leveled off at 8500 ft. and got to see pretty snow covered country. The flight was smooth and I got to practice a small cross wind landing. Well, I'll post the pictures and get to bed.


DuneMoose said...

SSSSSOooooooooooo Awesome Myra!! I want to fly!! That'd be awesome if your post went like this: "We used pilotage and dead-reckoning. I used a snowmaching trail leaving Fairbanks. After twisting and curving on what musta been someone's trail hunting rabbits, we ended up in Manley Hotsprings."

DuneMoose said...

Ammendment To Fake Post: "And pop in Manley Hotsprings is real expensive, man."