Dad Our Hero

Jason is always making sure our vehicles are in good working order. This afternoon he went to the GILA automotive shop to fix the headlight and the highlight was driving home in a heated car, yes, the vital problem of no heat was solved. He was hanging around with some of the staff as another guy was working on a snowgo, Jay has done his personal share so he couldn't leave to go home with me just yet. It's saturday honey, come home!! :) So, I'm going to listen to Bram Stoker's Dracula, follow along in my book, and wait for the moose stew to heat up. Romay is watching TV and relaxing after spending the night out at her friend Sarah's house. You also see a picture of the Yukon from near the airport, breath taking, especially if you're riding the 4-wheeler like I was!

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DuneMoose said...

That's a kick butt looking shop. I want some of that action.