Jason did a monumental task this afternoon, squaring the building up. We have pages 27 and 28 out of our instructional booklet that happen to be missing. Well, we're on the stage where we need those pages in order to do the sheathing. We'll probably have to wait until monday to get the information on this. However, on monday we leave for Fairbanks. Jason's dad arrives on wednesday. We thought we'd get in a little extra shopping since we'll be in the metropolis of Fairbanks. So, quite possibly, it may be next friday before we do any real work on the house. So, we decided to do a family portrait, well, family that was around. Kemper really isn't as sad as he looks, he really is the type of dog that gets excited over the idea of breathing. Well, we'll keep you posted with our Fairbanks trip, we can have some different pictures for a change.

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