June 6th, 2010

Today was a day full of building box beams. We took a 2x4 and nailed two 2x10's to the outside of it, kind of like a 2x4 sandwich. They took a little time to build as we tried to make each side of the beam square and well, some of the wood decided that it just wasn't going to work that way. Well, we built 11 of the box beams. We stored them under the house to keep them out of the rain. Meanwhile, we managed to trip up on the stumps as we were carrying the beams, sorta humorous to visualize almost falling while carrying an awkward long piece of sandwiched wood. We also had a young moose visit. He looked quite scrawny. He helped himself to the greens around our lot. Maybe he will visit often. (or she?). Good night, another full day tomorrow. I have a online class that is beginning and Jay will start the day without me. The weather is supposed to be warm with perhaps an occasional thunderstorm, sounds great to us.

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