July 18, 2010

Each time we finish a building process stage, we just feel like celebrating. One cannot celebrate too long because the next day you have to start the next building project. It was like changing of the guards today, first Kenton, Keith and Kallie showed up for a little bit; then Mr. Gillis showed up as soon as the first helping crew left. By the time I came around to snap pictures, the rafters were erected and looked beautiful. The rain comes and goes. It is nice and sunny in the evenings when we're home, the day time tends to have clouds and rain. But, as soon as we were to switch schedules, the rain and sunshine would follow. Superstition is definitely a thing of the past if you ask me. So anyways, tomorrow involves squaring the building and starting the sheathing. Good night from Alaska where it is 10:15 pm and bright as day!

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