June 29th, 2010

Now we're dealing with nice weather once again. Roger's thermometer was registering at 85 degrees, toasty! We have been doing some late nights, mostly staying up and visiting. The night before, the men didn't come home until 9:00 pm. We stayed up awhile and watched "Fireproof." The next day, all of us were a little groggy from staying up a wee bit too late. We packed our lunch, headed to the lot and began working. At about 3:00, Jason was feeling a little under the weather and went inside the tent to lay down for awhile. Dad, Dayton, and I plugged away with the sheathing. We got up to the 2nd floor. At about six, we decided to call it a day. Jason was in no shape to stay any longer and so we packed up and went home. I made Dad and myself a moose burger. Jason went straight to bed. I think he is overtired and his body is telling him what to do, rest. We have my little brother Ethan with us for a visit. He is one tall 9th grader! He was in Unalakleet after Biblecamp and was able to get a free ride from a gentleman who flies between Unalakleet and Fairbanks periodically. So, that is the latest. We're all resting and in the morning, will be excited for a new day.

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