Back in the Saddle

Who gets the flu during the summer? Evidently, I do. I slept basically what amounted to forever the past two days in an attempt to reach some kind of normal "bubble." The tent was just the start of things (see post just before this). I slept over 12 hours that night too... got up feeling somewhat more like myself. Coffee did not sound good (can't be completely myself if coffee doesn't sound good) and so I sipped a cup of hot tea and gorged on a Dutch Baby. Myra makes the most amazing Dutch Baby. It is my new sore throat food of choice. They have so much butter in them, they just kind of coat your throat all the way down... sinfully good.

Anyway, thanks mostly to Dayton and Dad today, we got the back wall done and most of one of the 16 foot walls. I am getting a little better at heights now, but it was a stretch for me to reach up into the rafters to work on the framing. Again, Dad was instrumental in this and really helped by doing most of that work. Upon Dayton's arrival, I took my station at the saw and just cut boards to fill the orders they were calling down.

Romay's bedroom window is now distinguishable in the wall and we are that much closer to having it all walled in and going on to the roof... something all of us are frightfully looking forward too... even those amongst us who are not afraid of heights... google 12-12 roof pitch to get an idea of what we are dealing with!

Through it all, Myra makes these amazing meals (home made spaghetti sauce, fresh bread, pumpkin pie). Dad thinks he is going to go home heavier.

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