July 9, 2010

I think I'm drawing a blank for writing because we have done a million things today. Between baby sitting a friend's dog, baking pumpkin pie in 80 degree weather and building stairs, its a tough call. Well, we've had several people in the village comment on how they like to take a nightly drive by the house to see what the latest progress looks like. Its amazing how hot weather keeps the mosquitoes away, but the other side to that coin is that we all move at a sluggish speed. There isn't a temperature in which you can have it all in bush Alaska, you either have mild temperatures and bugs to deal with; or hot weather and no bugs. Regarding the building aspect of today, we no longer have to labor in moving the ladder to get upstairs. Picking out the 2X12 runners for the stairs was an Alanis Morisette moment...remember the song, "Ironic." "Its like 10,000 spoons and all you need is a knife..." We couldn't find a 2X12 that wasn't damaged or had just a few knots. The common saying around the building process, all too often, "it is what it is." We make it work. Tomorrow mornings schedule includes installing the tin roofing. I've agreed to take Romay and Ethan for a jog, but I will be sure to be around to see this monumental task. Our roof has a 12 12 pitch. I suppose the snow doesn't have a fighting chance up there, but that includes the men having to work with it to get it all built. Actually, our friend, Kenton has devised a ladder that extends on both sides of the house to work off of. They plan on working at 9 am before it gets too hot. Kenton likes pecan pie and I've decided to pay him dearly with such a request of praline goodness. He isn't afraid of heights and has agreed to help with roofing, I think I can find a recipe that will make him believe his work was well worth it. Here's to pecan pies in exchange for roofing!!

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