Just pictures!

We're lagging behind in our posts, so my tendency is to post pictures and let the images tell the story. We're ALMOST closed in!! The roof, with its steep pitch, has allowed us to find muscles we thought we lost in our younger days, due to balancing and creeping, and stretching. Yesterday, Jason and I were up on the loft, rolling Tyvek across the small gap across the roofline. Tyvek is like strong wrapping paper, basically a vapor barrier. It took both Jason and I to roll the Tyvek, hold, and staple. I was behind him and very much in his bubble space as I was helping him balance the roll as he was stapling. Its a good thing we're married, I couldn't imagine the awkwardness involved with anyone else. The kids, Ethan and Romay, have been a huge help. They are the 'gophers,' they also remind us that it is time to eat lunch. The adults might work through lunch to finish up a particular project. Chicken mixed with mayonnaise on bread is amazing cuisine after a few hours of pounding nails!


Harriette said...

Hey there's my rabbit and walrus...I was wondering where they were...love you girls tremendously!

Eluciq said...

Myra...I have loved reading your adventures in building...looking forward to more posts of the interior construction...what a beautiful home!