Why do I even read the forecast?

Last night, after working until dog tired, we finished the night off by putting tarps over the building in a makeshift tent-roof. So, today, our goal was to get as much closed in as possible not to have to go through that process again. It is 1:10 am and I am only now writing the blog for the day... that should be enough, I should be able to put in the pictures and you can fill in the information I have left out.

What the pictures don't show, is me on the phone with Myra as she was reading the forecast on wunderground that told of possible thundershowers and rain tomorrow morning. Dad, Keith, and I worked until we... well, at least I was dragging... then put the tarps back on. That will not need to happen after tomorrow!

Romay also came home and so things feel like they are a little bit more normal... well, if you can use normal in a sentence with our family. Even the dog is a little off plum after all and we are building a house after every bank in Alaska told us that people don't build their own houses anymore.

This really is a hodge podge of thought, but hey... I turn into a pumpkin around 10pm. Dad's new goal is to get the roof done tomorrow so that we can take the 4th off... "Jason, you need it." Once a dad, always a dad.

God bless,
The Harris Family

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