July 14, 2010

Each step is significantly closer in getting the house closed in. The windows have been packed in a crate and for the first time in Galena, saw the daylight. We started with a smaller kitchen window. We wanted to save all the fun for later with the 3 large south facing windows. Jason dreaded the roof, Dad dreaded the windows. Well, the roof is up and it was Dad's turn to question how this process was all going to happen. I guess Dad had installed a window that was a little bit challenging. You know, in a sense where it wasn't bad, just sort of a pain. The first kitchen window went in smoothly and we all wondered where the frustration and problem solving we thought to be involved had gone. So, on we went to the large living room window. That one, although a wee bit heavier, made this whole installation fiasco seem to be a thing we had built up in our minds. Our imaginations had brought on more than the reality of caulking, lifting the window to place, leveling it, and screwing the window in place. That is, until the first large kitchen window went in. Jay and I were outside, lifting the glass from both sides, meanwhile Dad was inside grabbing and holding the window as Jay and I were gingerly passing it up to him. It was a chilly day, but not enough for any kind of freezing, but it almost looked like Dad slipped on a patch of ice. Well, Tyvek is the next best thing to slip on. He had stood on a piece of Tyvek inside and brought down the window a few inches before Jay and I recovered. There was even a 'shhwit,' noise that traveled at the speed of light. Dad shuffled a bit and did an amazing footwork leveling procedure and caught the window as well. All was okay. No expensive reordering tasks or apologies needed. The rest of the windows went on without any bumps or slips. "Is the Tyvek out of the way," might have been repeated a hundred times more later on that afternoon. Its the verbal consequence Dad had to live with. Tomorrow we move on to the first floor doors and the rest of the Tyvek and insulation on the sides of the house. Electrical work is that much closer.

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