Fiddler on the Roof

We have not put any pictures into the computer yet, but for those of you who are keeping up with our progress, I'll give you the details in words... first... miracle of miracles... I know that people have been praying for me as most of my family and friends know that I have an extreme fear of heights. However, now I have to say that I had a fear of heights. A 12-12 pitch is something to behold let alone walk on, and I had no fear what so ever. I won't go so far as to say that I want to make my living by putting metal on roofs, but I could actually enjoy the view from the top.

So, long story short, even in the crazy wind that we received today we finished off the roof. The next time I go up on the roof will be to put the vent in for the bathroom. Let it rain. Once the windows and doors are on, the wind can blow the rain can fall, and I'll sleep just fine.

People keep driving by and it is funny to hear how the news spreads around town as everyone follows our progress. More and more people have stopped by to see what new things are going up.

We have had so much help with this whole thing. I can't help but be thankful. The joke I keep telling... if an English teacher puts up something and it turns out square and level... you know God was involved. God has been so good to us. He has also sent some great people our way... Kenton was willing to help us on our crazy steep roof, Dad has been Johnny on the spot wherever he has been needed with expertise and labor, Keith has been amazing with food, coffee, and labor, Myra... no better woman in the world as she cooks, hammers, saws, etc., the kids have been a big help. David Whightman with his equipment and expertise, Todd Brown with his metal skills, Lon just stopping by and swinging a hammer when needed, Dayton and his mad money skills, Tabatha with lunches, Jason Kopp milling sill logs... the list is never ending.

Stay tuned for the exciting photos of a finished roof... they'll probably be posted tomorrow.

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Becky T. said...

hooray for overcoming the fear of heights! Enjoying your pics and blog.