July 23, 2010

My girls like to give me a hard time and so when I walked away with the computer this evening to write the blog, they played rock paper scissors to determine who would check up on me to make sure I was really writing and not sleeping. With that in mind, it was a long, full day.

We did a little work on the Bronco II in hopes of keeping it running a little longer. I honestly wonder if I should ever fill the tank completely since gas is expensive and the truck is likely to breathe its last at any moment. We shuffled crates around with Roger's lift... Myra learned to drive it today and she did a fine job all the while I serenaded her with "She thinks my tractor's sexy."

Myra and Romay worked upstairs today preparing the rafters for stain. It turned out a little darker than we anticipated, but it is a long ways to town for another color and we can do some things to make it a little lighter... one, we can let it dry and see exactly how dark it is going to be. The idea was contrast anyway since the ceilings and walls are going to be covered with a clear coat and left to their natural color as well as the floors.

While they did that, I tried to square up the floor joists for the arctic entry. Running diagonals is no fun on your own with a tape that keeps slipping off the corners and girls who keep calling for random tools from upstairs. "Romay, would you go and get some tape?" Sound of Romay walking down the stairs, "Dad, would you go and get some tape?" A job that should have taken around an hour lasted about a half a day. However, in the end, the joists were squared, the insulation put in place, and with Myra's help, the decking was put down almost to completion.

We had a late dinner of brats and salad (first lettuce from the garden). Romay and Myra beat themselves at a game of Euchre... I'm still trying to figure out how that works, and we are all getting for bed. Good night.

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