June 4th, 2010

Friday. We finished the tongue and groove decking. Jason had to do some creative figuring, but it's all good. Like I said, he did figuring, which insinuates that it all got put together with OSHA 5 star ratings. Okay, so OSHA didn't check us out, but isn't that the reason why we feel so lucky to be doing it the way we are? Well, the only thing he had to do figuring on was using a table saw to cut a 2X6 plank in half, he had to do this on 3 of them as they are 16 foot long. Clearly not a big concern. Well, we also have a young man, Dayton, that is helping in leaps and bounds. He will be with us for about the next 2 weeks as he is in Galena for a summer program. Sweet deal. So tomorrow we are starting the 2nd floor with post and beams. Jason had time to fix Romay's go-cart. She is mobile and that makes all the difference to her little world. We live about a mile from the building site. Romay can garden in the early afternoon and meet us at the lot when it is convenient for her. Good night from the Harris' family.

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