June 26th, Happy Birthday Jason (and Kemper)

Do you think Jason would allow me to keep him home, relax, watch a movie, and eat a special dinner for his birthday? Well, I do have meat loaf for his special dinner and of course he hasn't been home all day. Everyone feels rested, especially due to the fact that we slept in actual beds. While in Fairbanks, we saved money by camping for $16.00/night. The summer hotel prices are a bit steep, so we accommodate our sleeping situation with the thought of saving money and put up with camping. We like it anyways. We've enjoyed Dad so much, it is a blessing to spend time with such an upbeat guy. I mean, building a house while on his vacation is his idea of a good time. What a guy. Well, the sheathing is going up. It is something beautiful to see. I had to leave a little early, so in the mean time, the guys got more done. Just an update from up north, Happy Birthday to Jason and our dog Kemper!

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