May 29 and 30, 2010

Had a one day dry spell with the internet. Well, we made what felt like significant progress on the house. We did have a friend come over and help Jason with nailing on the joists. I was thankful as this allowed time for me to cook moose burgers over the fire and watch the guys steadily work. Another friend dropped by and handed out popsicles. It has been HOT, like 70 to 80 degrees. Although some of you may laugh at the numbers, keep in mind it is still May, anyways, the popsicles were much appreciated. We got all 11 joists nailed to the plates and managed to finish the insulation on the floor as well. Yesterday, Charlie and his gang also gave a HUGE helping hand. Along with their handy heavy equipment, 4 guys and Jason moved the materials to our lot. The housewarming party keeps growing with all the people that are pitching in, wonderful! It really is a thrill to be putting in hours toward our home. Jason and I do pray a prayer of thankfulness each day before or shortly after we start work. It is after midnight, although we're tired, we're going to bed with feeling content over a hard day's work.

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Haviland's said...

you folks are amazing in my eyes!