May 28th, 2010

Today...wow, today. It is 12:30 and the day is finally ending so to speak. The progress on the lot was fulfilling. After dealing with the foundation for a few weeks, working with actual dimensional lumber was easy. I mean, even if a 2X10 is 16 ft long, one person can maneuver it. We nailed sill logs on, brought a load from Old Town to New town, unloaded that wood, cut the wood to proper size, and began making the floor joists. In between, we took a lunch break and had ground moose sloppy joe and cheddar cheese. Each night, I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next day, there is no such thing as slowing down to cook that day in building season. Tonight I made spaghetti goulash for tomorrow's lunch and have pizza calzones as dinner. It is just the way life goes right now, busy, but we do take time to eat well. It is a bit of carbo food, I'll have to balance that out as we go along. Tonight was a story in itself. Here we were, coming home from a long day at the lot and the next barge had arrived. Usually that doesn't effect us, but, oh, our building materials are still in the way. Um, Jason learned how to drive Roger's forklift on the spot. I mean, he was learning the ropes of the levers in a matter of seconds and moving our precious cargo. All in all, it all moved fine, just a few pieces were broken. And Jason did wonderful under the circumstances, I couldn't ask for anything better, even if a few pieces split. The reason why they split is because there wasn't anything placed under a couple of 3000 lb loads and so he had to pick them off the ground. Anyways, that is the day in a nutshell. I told Jay that tomorrow we SUCK IT UP, I'm getting him up at 7:30 and we're out at 8:30...we're finishing up the floor joists and, Lord willing, moving the entire 14 pieces of heavy materials to our lot. Glad you checked in with us and our hectic adventure.

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