It is 11:30 at night, Jay hit the pillow snoring. What a satisfying day. We went to work, Jay went off to swimming practice and I rushed home to finish off dinner. I met Romay and Jason, with their dinner, we were then off to pick up the rest of the supplies for drilling in our foundational pilings. 3 hours later, after help from Mr. W, we were pleased to say that our first piling was drilled. Of course the icing on the cake was that the driveway is in, it is a bit narrow, but works for now. We'll have to clear a few more trees to widen it. Wow, it is late, I should write more, but school is out in 9 days and we'll put more thought into writing. Tomorrow, same thing: go to work, eat a quick dinner, drill, go home, eat dessert (gotta squeeze that in!), go to bed, repeat..

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