House Update

Since we last posted, a lot of small steps have transpired. Housing wise, we're almost finished with a task that, thankfully, is almost finished, the foundation. 12 pilings, are placed accordingly for the house in the midst of the birch and pine trees. A friend came over to cut the pilings with a plasma cutter. Jason welded the top plates on. And we're in the process of getting the sill logs leveled, squared and bolted to the sill plates. Jason was tired of coming home with sloshed damp feet from the water that saturated the ground while drilling pilings. But, we keep reminding ourselves that we're putting hours toward our house, that seems to make the mundane jobs bearable. AND, our materials have arrived! All 15 pieces were placed on the first barge. They are sitting nicely in their packaging, it will be Christmas in May soon. The next time I post, there should be flooring pictures!

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