Welcome...New Home...

The transition to Galena has been a blessing made possible by the people here. We've had dinners at friends homes, attend a GREAT church, and the kids are fitting right in!

*Sigh* I miss our dishwasher in Koyuk, the table has seen 2 or 3 monopoly games already. I'm dubbed the evil landlord as I won the very first game, ha! It's hard to erase a reputation, especially when Romay gives me "dirty" looks anytime I get a property, (hee hee).

Yes, that is a tapestry as a wall decoration. Made in America, surprised? I was, I'm so used to "Made in China" by now, it's a brand name.

Sarah, Romay and Ethan...too bad you couldn't smell the bug spray on 'em!

Pitter Patter, the sound of my heart as I watched the kids play with the privileged leashed dogs in the field outside our apartment. Darn cute things!

On the way home from softball practice, a young black bear scooted down a path near town. No worries, Harriette!! People in town, including Fish and Wildlife, are monitoring the situation and will take care of it should it become a hazard.

Koyuk Mug, Kevin! We posted this just for you! :) Although we don't need it, it's nice to enhance the conversation with a glass of Chardonnay, or Alaskan Amber.

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Tera said...

Wow! Your new home! It all looks great! I really like the tapestry. I'm glad you guys are settling in well and that Galena is showing itself to be an uplifting place for your family.

I was glad to see the photo of Jason with a beer. Mmm, the taste of beer is but a distant memory... :)

Yay for your happy home!

OH! I keep forgetting to send an email to thank you for the video! We watched it one dreary evening and I was filled with nostalgia. Thank you!!!