Day 13 in Galena

Remember kerosene lamps, part of my childhood involved watching Papa light the glass lamps anytime the power went out in Unalakleet during the long winter months. Then...I can distinctly hear his voice begin, "my daddy...." and a story or two would roll off his memory and it was always strange to hear him say such boyish sounding words as his face was lined with wrinkles and head was short of a full head of hair. So when Jay came home with a lamp from Unalakleet last year, the particular smells of oil evaporating as it burns and memories flooded my mind. I appreciate simple pleasures of childhood.

Power didn't go out, plenty of light, just couldn't help ourselves in firing up the lamp and visiting with each other.

Change of topic and scenery here, notice Jason smiling and Chris concentrating, working. Part of today's enjoyment was driving Jason around to move our freezer and snowmachine to our apartment. Any Chevy or Ford made in the 70's-90's grabs my attention, again, familiarity of those formulative years in growing up, the older trucks, yeah, just another simple pleasure. Chris has been incredibly helpful from day one, he's also the principal and has been over to sip french pressed coffee with Jay and I quite a bit, a good way, quite possibly the perfect way, to get to know people!

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Haviland's said...

it all sounds so nice - i am glad that the move is going so well

tell chris i said hello the next time you have coffee!