Just Ordinary Folks

Here's to those ordinary, notice I didn't say boring, people that find appeasement in...everyday, simple things; email, singing songs, the pile of laundry, drying on the table. I'm waiting for Jay to put up a clothes line, since I don't have an energy efficient dryer, anyways, I'd still load up the basket with a handful of pins and maybe sport a bandana like grandma used to.

A modern looking child, phone and email in the same instance, Ethan loves getting those cyber letters; like we all do.

Ethan wanted to take a picture, Jay looks like he needs to run to the bathroom to take care of business. That's it, I just had to say it.

Happy Father's Day, Jason. A nice leather wallet to replace his nearly neolithic piece of cowhide.

What a dude! Well, Kenton (Ethan and Romay's softball coach; family friend) is impressing Jason with his skinning techniques. His son (I wanna say, 7 or 8 years old), shot a beaver and here Kenton is taking care of the hide. Both Jason and Kenton sum up part of their manhood by taking part in the Bush Alaskan sport of trapping. More pictures for sure with this upcoming season!

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Haviland's said...

i am happy to see so much happiness for you and your clan - sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves
now i have a good reason to go to galena!